Tonight’s taco was Thai Shrimp.


The review from the Internet: These are Thai Shrimp tacos. Big fat juicy spicy,gingery, limey, honeyey shrimp tucked into soft tortillas filled with bright delicious cabbage slaw, fresh cilantro and green onions then drizzled with sweet peanut sauce.

Our Review:

The dish had three components. Slaw, shrimp,and peanut sauce. The shrimp was suppose marinate for couple hours and after under marinating last week I was super sure to get that started early enough. After I got the shrimp started, I made the slaw.


The slaw was easy to to throw together.

When end we were ready for dinner I pulled out the shrimp and and slaw and whipped up the sauce and super tasty.


The shrimp took only a few minutes to cook.


Once they were done I assembled the tacos. Overall I thought the shrimp lacked flavor, it was spicy but that’s about it. The peanut sauce was really good. And the slaw was slaw. Overall the sauce saved the meal but it was more work than the end result.


This one gets 🍍🍍🍍3/5 pineapples I’d probably skip this one next time around.

The deets: my computer died and my charger is at work so I’ll add this on the morning.


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