As many of you know my husband, Elliot loves tacos. He’s often requested that we only have tacos for dinner. Last year he persuaded me to create Tacotober, a month (October) in which we only eat tacos. I decided I was up for the challenge and made tacos for dinner every night for a month.

Now I know some of you are thinking tacos for dinner every night that sounds crazy. It was, but we had some rules for our sanity.

  1. We had tacos Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday were free days to do whatever we wanted with, which sometimes did involve more tacos.
  2. No recipe, no matter how tasty could be repeated.

Our inaugural Tacotober went well, there were a few days of I don’t want to think about tacos, but we made it through and even added some new favorites to our normal taco repertoire.  We created some interest amongst our friends and family, everyone had thoughts on what tacos we should create next, wanted to host us for taco dinner, had recommendations for local restaurants we should test, or simply wanted feedback on which tacos we liked the best.  As a result this year, there will be a blog.

On this blog, I will do my best to keep you up to date, with the taco of the day, images, recipes and our official review. Who knows maybe we’ll even invent a rating system.

So if you’re courageous and love tacos, join us on our Tacotober adventure.